Monday, April 13, 2015

An Unexpected Night

Unexpected night@ Changi Village
Initial plan- watch movie at Tampines
Ended up couldn't get tickets due to last minute decision
So thought of going to Changi Village for ikan bakar, yc chit chat
On the way, its crowded with cars and people.
My last time here, it was quiet and empty.
Ended up buying slurpeeee, junk food and Haagen Daz
 to the beach!! 
My first time here at this end of the beach.
Surprised with the number of people
 families, fishing, camping, hang outs
mostly malays, where are the chinese?? 
Walked the whole stretch of the beach till this end
saw a couple of guys fishing with net & they actually got a bunch of fishes 
water here should be quite polluted, safe to eat? hermmm.. 
time for cakap cakap nonstop~
Although communications are so advance nowadays, but nothing beats meeting up
with the comfort of sea breeze, sounds of planes taking off.
This is actually feels better than watching movie.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Reunion of Xiu Yi & Aemes

Finally the big day is here. Really happy seeing them tying the knots after so many years.
Didnt know that they've known each other since like kindergarten. That is really something!
Due to their busy night, we only managed to take a group photo with the poster outside haha
Here is the pretty bride. Slimmed down alot due to hectic schdule and preparations.

Wish them the best in life :) Now looking forward to Janice's wedding in May! chance for eveyone to meet up again.